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Game Studies

Resources and strategies for game studies and gaming.

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Welcome to a Guide to Game Studies and Games

At Full Sail University game studies, games, and gaming are integral to our curriculum. Across higher education there are numerous and wide-ranging conversations about how and why we play, how we learn, game theory, and gamification of education and business.

This guide provides you with a cross-section of information and resources including:

  • History and background resources for games and game studies
  • Core resources, including databases and other digital assets
  • A representative selection of ‚ÄčBooks, eBooks and videos about games, game design and development, game art, and social/cultural/psychological aspects of games and gaming
  • Magazines and journals about the game industry
  • Other resources for learning about immersive entertainment and the game industry.

In the Library

In addition to books about game design, development, and theory, the Library has an extensive collection of video games and board games for student use. Available game platforms include PS3 and PS4, XBox One and XBox 360, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii-U. Some of the most popular titles in the Library include:

The tabletop game collection includes: