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Technology: Blogs, RSS Feeds & News

Resources and strategies to support the Technology programs.

A characteristic of being a professional is keeping up with industry news. This is particularly imperative in industries that change quickly, such as technology-based ones. There are a range of resources available in print and digital formats available through the Full Sail Library and online. The lists included here are just a sampling of the resources available to you.

Trade & Industry Publications

Trade associations regularly publish magazines and newspapers for their membership and other interested readers. These periodicals feature articles on current trends, people in the industry, policy and regulation that may impact the industry, and statistical information. The Library provides access to some of the periodicals in print and online. Use Full-text Finder to locate additional full-text items, including eBooks and periodicals.

Lists of Blogs

Blogs are a good source for current information related to all aspects of technology. We've identified several you may find valuable when conducting research.

Available in Full Text Through EBSCOhost

  • ACM Computing Surveys - Publishes new perspectives on hardware and software, computer systems organization, computer science theory, artificial intelligence, applications, and a spectrum of peripheral topics.
  • ACM Transactions on Computer Systems - Contains new findings of the computing research field
  • AI Magazine - Articles, product information, and conference reports published by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence.
  • CIO: Chief Information Officer - Focuses on providing the information executives need to successfully use Information Technology (IT) to empower the enterprise.
  • Communications of the ACM - The science and arts of information processing.
  • Compute - Home, educational and recreational computing.
  • Database and Network Journal - Interpretative analysis of emerging computer software.
  • EContent – Articles on database usage, with comparisons and evaluations. Contains how-to articles that provide comparative analysis and tips and techniques for online searching.
  • Human-Computer Interaction: Journal of theoretical, empirical and methodological issues of user psychology and of system design.
  • IEE Proceedings Software - Papers on all aspects of the software lifecycle, including design, development, implementation & maintenance. Focus is on the methods used to develop & maintain software, & their practical application.
  • PC Magazineanalyze, evaluate & review all technology solutions that build a modern business.

News & Information

Trade & Industry Periodicals Online

Some of the following titles may require subscriptions in order to access in-depth information and articles.

What You Should Be Reading

Technology books and recommended readings lists for IT professionals and business leaders.