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Introduction to the Library: Finding Articles

Resources and services available at Full Sail Library

Introduction to Databases

The Library makes available over 30 research databases, including EBSCOhost, Nexis Uni, Oxford Art Online, and Westar Music. Additionally, numerous free databases are included in the available databases to provide broad coverage of topics. Online databases have been carefully chosen to suit your academic research needs and to support the array degree programs at the University.

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Finding Articles

The following is a short YouTube video on using Nexis Uni for academic research. Additional tutorials are available on their YouTube channel.

The following YouTube video from EBSCOhost  illustrates techniques and strategies that can be applied across the full range of EbscoHost databases available through Full Sail Library. For the broadest search, use ALL EbscoHost databases or select one or multiple databases for more specific searching.

Search Operators

Boolean logic, or Boolean searching, is a method for combining search terms to produce relevant results. It uses the search connectors AND, OR, NOT to include or exclude specific words in the search. Many search systems, including databases and search engines, use Boolean logic to define search strings.

Using AND requires that all connected words/phrases be included in the search results. It NARROWS the search results set.

Using OR requires that either one or the other or both of all connected words/phrases be included in the search results. It BROADENS the search results set.

Using NOT excludes the word/phrase following not. It NARROWS the search results set. Caveat: it may also exclude some results containing the first word/phrase in the search string.

Boolean images obtained from The Boolean Machine by Rockwell Shrock,, retrieved 19 December 2016.