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Introduction to the Library: Library of Congress Classification

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Most print books in the Full Sail Library's collection are arranged by Library of Congress classification. This system of organization groups books with like subjects together on the library shelves. Each book is identified by a unique call number (shelf location), which is found on the spine or the cover of the book and in the book's catalog record.

The books are organized alphabetically by Library of Congress subject letters and numbers. This allows for easier browsing and the ability to locate books with similar subjects.

How to Read LOC Call Numbers

Sample Call Number: BF 637 .S8 G695 2012

BF Read in alphabetical order: BF shelved before BH
637 Read in numeric order as a whole number. 637 shelved before 638
.S8 Read the letter in alphabetical order, and read the number as a decimal. .S8 shelved before .S81
G695 If there's another letter/number combination, read that number as a decimal even though the decimal point is omitted: G695 shelved before G7
2012 If there's a publication date, read it in numeric order

Components of the Call Number Line by Line

BF Books are arranged alphabetically by LOC classification. The first letter of an LOC call number identifies the general class or subject the call number falls within.

637 Numbers follow the letters. The number identifies the topic/sub-topic of the book.

.G695 Alpha-numeric designation further distinguishes the book, identifying the author or the title of the book.

2012 The publication year or edition of a volume.

Browsing the Shelves

Library of Congress classification groups together works on the same subject. For more detail about each classification, click on the letter.

  • A -- General works
  • B -- Philosophy, psychology, religion
  • C -- Auxiliary sciences of history
  • D -- World history and history of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  • E -- History of the Americas -- America and the United States
  • F -- History of the Americas -- United States local history, British America, Dutch America, French America, Latin America (Spanish America)
  • G -- Geography, anthropology, recreation
  • H -- Social sciences
  • J -- Political science
  • K -- Law
  • L -- Education
  • M -- Music and books on music
  • N -- Fine arts
  • P -- Language and literature
  • Q -- Science
  • R -- Medicine
  • S -- Agriculture
  • T -- Technology
  • U -- Military science
  • V -- Naval science
  • Z -- Bibliography, library science, information resources (general)

Reading Other Call Numbers

Graphic Novels - arranged alphabetically by title and then volume

GRN Graphic novel collection
ARC Alphabetical by title
1 Volume

Movies (DVD/Blu-ray) - arranged within genre, alphabetically by title then series/season if appropriate

DVD Film collection
TV Genre (color coded spine label)


THR Title continued
7 Season

Video Games - arrange by gaming platform alphabetically by title

GAM Video game collection
PS4 Gaming platform
HOR Title
ZER Title continued
DAW Title continued